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We do dish repair, dish installation and DSTV upgrades in Cape Town and surrounding areas.
If you need fast and reliable service for your DSTV, our technicians are ready to help you!


Welcome to DSTV Installers Cape Town

We are accredited specialists in Satellite Installations, TV Installations, Arial Installations and fixing general Tv or decoder related problems. With over 15 years of experience, we guarantee only the best service delivery to our clients. We do installations all around Cape Town, we offer services for Schools, Universities, Guest Houses, Hotels, Communes or Apartments. Get in touch with us, for a quote today! See our services

Communal or Complex Installations

DSTV Satellite or Arial Installations for complexes, communes and apartments.
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Schools and Colleges

Arial Installations, or DSTV Satellite installations for Schools, Colleges or Universities.
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Guest Houses or Hotels

Affordable Satellite Installations for Guest Houses, Hotels or BnB’s.
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What is a DSTV Installer?
These are qualified technicians specializing in installing DSTV Decoders into your home. We at TV Installers have the best technicians at our service.
I am relocating, what does this mean for my DSTV?
What is DSTV Relocations?
DSTV Relocations means moving your decoder and satellite equipment from one area to another. This means you will deal with LNB cables and making sure that your signal is working as it should once you are connected again
Tell me about DSTV Repairs
DSTV Repairs can range from a broken decoder, faulty cables, poorly setup extra-views, satellite not pointed correctly and many more. For more information, het in toucj with us
How do I make use of holiday viewing?
You can log on to My DStv on DStv.com to set up your holiday home devices as well as manage your holiday viewing at your leisure. If you don’t have access to the internet, give us call, and we will gladly help!
I am a Price Lock customer – how do I activate my holiday viewing?
You can switch your main home off and switch on your holiday home (Option 1). For this option, you do a like-for-like switch, so you stay on the same DStv package and the same decoder as your main home. Please phone us to do this for you.
You can also activate your holiday home while keeping your main home on (Option 2). You can manage this on My DStv on DStv.com. To use My DStv, you need to have indicated which decoder is your holiday home decoder.

You can also take your DStv decoder on holiday with you – just ensure your holiday home has the correct installation for your Catch Up and BoxOffice to work.

Or you can use DStv Now to stream live channels, and stream or download Catch Up content to your tablet or smartphone.

I would like to upgrade my package for the holiday home – how do I do that?
First upgrade your main package, and when you switch or activate your holiday package, your upgraded package will be available to you at your holiday destination.
Can I have XtraView at my holiday home? And how do I go about activating that?
Yes you can – please contact us at our call centre to set it up – thereafter, you will be able to manage your holiday viewing on My DStv at dstv.com
I'm at my holiday home and my decoder is not working even though I activated it. What do I do now?
Your decoder needs to be on when being set up – please use My DStv at DStv.com or on DStv Now to clear the error. If you still have a problem, please phone us, so we can try to work some magic for you.

We are Available 24/7!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction of your DSTV satellite reception!

Call us for your DSTV and various satellite installations, cctv installations, extra TV points, TV mounting and reception problems.

Call Us Anytime:  0793240412

Email: info@tvinstallers.co.za

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